Monday, November 11, 2013

Respiration and Transportation

Respiratory System in Humans

Transportation in Human being

Take-in of food for use.
The process by which a living thing takes in and makes use of food.
The substances that an organism needs for energy, growth, repair, or maintenance.
2 types- autotrophic & heterotrophic
removal of cellular wastes.
the term for processes that removes wastes from an organism. the bodily process of discharging waste matter.
provide energy.
in living organisms, the precess by which food is broken down and energy is released.
the using and releasing of energy in a cell.
2 types- aerobic & anaerobic
Transport (circulation)
absorption and circulation of materials.
the process by which substances enter and leave cells and become distributed within the cells.

  • Ingestion
- food is taken into the blood (physical)      ,  
  • Digestion -breaking down food into usable forms (physical & chemical) 
  •  Photosynthesis -  takes place in leaves of plants 
water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight are used to make glucose, oxygen & water
H2O+CO2+energy(sun) = glucose (sugar)+O2+H2O
waste product: oxygen                                                                                      

  • Cellular Respiration  - food, oxygen, and water broken down to cellular energy (ATP) carbon dioxide & water 
glucose (sugar)+O2+H2O = energy for the cell (ATP) +CO2+H2O
waste products: carbon dioxide & water

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